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Numerical figure CAP amka
Hook CAP amka
Crooked instrument CAP amka
Curve CAP amka
Bend CAP amka
Stirrup CAP amka
The thigh CAP amka
The side CAP amka
The frank CAP amka
The body CAP amka
Mark CAP amka
Sign CAP amka
Trace CAP amka
Stigma CAP amka
Flaw CAP amka
Stain CAP amka
Scar CAP amka
An act of a play CAP amka
Spur CAPUq amkaguDu
Bugle CAPP amkakahaLe
Arithmetic CAPUtv amkagaNita
Place CAPt amkaNa
The space between two pillars or two beams in a house CAPt amkaNa
House or part of a building Measuring one ankana CAPt amkaNa
Drawer CAPt amkaNa
Column of a daily or a periodical CAPt amkaNa
Marking CAP amkana
Stamping CAP amkana
Affixing a seal CAP amkana
Branding CAP amkana
Writing in numerical figures CAP amkana
Curtain lowered at the end of an act CAPgz amkaparade
Stirrup CAPt amkavaNi
War drum CAPg amkavare
Number CAQ amki
Statistics CAQCA amkiamsha
Mark CAQv amkita
Name CAQv amkita
Sign CAQv amkita
Signet CAQv amkita
Nom de plume CAQv amkita
Signature CAQv amkita
Dedicationg of a literary work CAQv amkita
Marked CAQv amkita
Numbered CAQv amkita
Proper noun CAQv amkitanAma
Bend CAP amku
Serpentine CAPqAP amkuDomku
Sprout CAPg amkura
Shoot CAPg amkura
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